Knowledge Creation Thread


Ok so I really liked this thread, it spoke to me. One reason why I want to take this journey is because with all of the information that is out there it crucial that we focus on learning improve society using the power of information/technology to do this.  I loved concept of the L – power to the 0 or 1.

Also the concept by Taylor that if a system does not make a user’s life better, no matter how good it is, then it is useless. However what is useless to one person may be useful to another, so I think we should be careful what we assume and that’s why I liked that the tread stressed that was exactly why the focus on the USER(S) is so important.

More importantly it’s jelling in my mind how technology has really changed the definition of communities and creation of communities.  This thread really had me musing about how in the past communities were physical and thus the library had a place in the physical world.  But now that geographic borders have been erased by technology and people are finding each other and creating communities, but how do libraries become part of these, is there a place for them in these communities?


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