IST 511 – Thoughts on threads!


First I have really enjoyed reading THE ATLAS OF NEW LIBRARIANSHIP.  The narrative is very very good and I it’s been quite illuminating — the only really descriptive adjective that can be used in for this “tome”!

Thoughts on theories…or how easy it is to confuse me……. 

The focus on knowledge and learning is at the heart of the mission to any one who is on the journey both as a scholar and a potential practitioner of library science. Conversation theory asks and attempts to address the question of how people learn.  If learning was a woven tapestry then there would be many many panels dedicated just to how libraries supported that mission.

First off I’ve never been one who had the grey matter to absorb the “big” theories that act as the underpinnings to many of the scholarly debates and schools of learning in higher education. 

Yet the idea of Conversation Theory intrigued  me as did Postmodernism as well.  Ok so a quick trip to sites that water down Conversation Theory and I am intrigued enough to perhaps get some more articles on the work. After reading some of these I now understand why understanding WHAT someone is asking and that the fact that my response depends on my interpretation of  what I think they are asking for. Clearing even with my limited understanding I see how important this theory is to our field and additional research I may want to undertake.

I found this chapter hard to get through – it had a lot going on – so this is one where I’ll need to be reading again and again to fully understand.

However for anyone who wants to be part of a community listening and understanding what they are asking for and needing will be crucial to helping fulfill your role in that community.  I’ll be interested to hear what my peers say.




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