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Hello!  A  bit late on the starting the blog~

As promised in my Interview with a Library Leader here’s my interview with Stephen Abram. 

Stephen is a thought leader and “early adopter” in the world of all things library. I have the honor and pleasure of working with him. He’s taught me a lot and been an inspiration to me and many librarians who are both seasoned, just starting out or in library school. 

I asked him a few questions – and here are his answers from my email to him.


Hi Kara:

These questions are easier than I thought since I wrote some articles on these topics lately.

1. What do you think is the most important skill set that librarians of the future possess?

2. How did you get on your career path as a “futurist”?

3. Any sage advice for those on starting their journey to becoming librarians?

For the SLA Future Ready 365 blog in June 2011 I wrote some advice for future MLS’s based on what I wished I had known in 1980 when I graduated:

Here are the two guest postings:

Part 1: 30 Years ago I graduated from Library School – and the future was in front of me…What do I wish my old self knew then to be future ready?


Part 2: What do I wish my old self knew then to be future ready?


or a link from my blog;

What do I wish my old self knew then to be future ready?


As resident of SLA, I also wrote some Information Outlook columns on this topic.  Here are the links:

Librarian 2.0


Two letters: one to new information professionals and one to Boomer colleagues:

Open Letters to My Peers: Young and My Age


Lastly, I liked my guest post to Ken Haycock’s blog so you might not have seen it:

Earning the Right to Give Advice


By the way, the most important skillset for information professionals of the future is an open mind , openness to new thinking and change, and adaptabity and flexibility.  You’ll have no problems!

My career path to being a futurist was just being interested in it and writing about it and speaking about the future.  It just took off.  People listened and I listened back.  I am an accidental futurist.



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